Pas 100 Certificated Blended Top Soil

Pas 100 Certificated Blended Top Soil



We provide a service to mix our BSI PAS100 compost with sands and topsoils to provide different blends of top soil and top dressings, this can be done according to your individual needs.

These products can then be used on golf courses, housing developments, landscapes and by turfing companies.

We are able to supply the top soil in large quantities all year round.


Top Soil Uses

  • Improving allotments or vegetables plots
  • Laying turf
  • Landscaping gardens
  • Establishing and building borders
  • Improving soil quality following building work e.g. new build properties
  • Building and improving raised beds
  • Sowing grass seeds

Why should you choose our premium top soil?

  • Ideal for filling containers and general garden use.
  • Contains a high organic matter content with naturally slow releasing nutrients due to the PAS100 compost content
  • Peat free
  • Easy to work and rake out
  • Structured to allow aeration, drainage and root development
  • Low stone content
  • High levels of organic matter containing a natural nitrogen source
  • Saves digging time as pre-blended with compost

Prices for our handy 20 kg bags & Ton bags can be purchased online.

For large loose quantities PLEASE CONTACT US to discuss pricing & specific requirements.

Fork lift off load available access permitting.

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