Golf and Sports Turf

golf tees turf with rye grass arena gold (2)Golf and Sports Turf Product Range

We supply a range of golf and sports turf. Greens Turf gown on USGA rootzone or grown on top soil. Tee Turf with or without Rye Grass with a mowing height of 10-12mm. Fairway Turf also with or without Rye Grass. Designed to be dense and very hard wearing. Mowing height for Fairways 18-30mm. Heavily used pathways, like those between green and tee, are notoriously difficult to keep green and healthy. RTF (rhizomatous tall fescue). The secret to RTF lies in its root system. With roots able to go down 1.5m into the soil the plant can explit water reserves further down the foil profile. In addition, tall fescue is a very robust plant and can stand up to heavy wear and tear. Mowing height for pathways 25-40mm.

Bunker Turf is required for its hostile environment. Drought and sand splash are the main problems. So to use RTF with its stiff leaf which absorbs sand well and its long root system.  Revetting Turf comes is slabs 40mm thick. Each slab measures 1.2m (47″) by 0.6m (24″). You can cut the slab lengthways into two, three, or four strips depending on the width you require. Lining Turf is laid upside down in the base of the bunker.