Do It Yourself – Turf Installation and Aftercare

Three stages of Do-It-Yourself turf laying:-



  • To do – Clear the area of stones, weeds and other debris before you dig or rotorvate the ground (this aerates the soil)
  • Then add a good quality topsoil to a depth of 150mm (see our 10mm screened top soil)
  • Continue to level the soil with a fine tilth rake and lightly consolidate – Do not compact the soil with a roller
  • It is now the time to apply a pre-turf fertiliser – ensure you lightly rake this into the soil

Laying the turf 

  • Do not lay turf if there is a ground frost or the ground is frozen.
  • Lay the Turf immediately upon delivery, or the next day.
  • And remember to always work off planks when you lay the turf.
  • Start first by laying the rolls of turf along a straight side, ensure each grass roll is butted closely together. 
  •  And then at the end of the row place the plank on the row of turf you have laid and commence to work off the plank.  Whilst standing on the plank ensure the underneath of the turf is in complete contact with the soil below.
  • Roll the next row out, staggering in a brick like fashion and do not leave any gaps.
  • Continue in this fashion, ensure each roll is in butted up closely with the next roll and it is firmed to the ground.  If the ground dips or is not level simply lift the turf and level with top soil and re lay and firm the turf.

Watering,  Mowing and Maintenance

Very important – water the turf immediately after laying.  Never allow the turf to dry out (the turves may shrink leaving gaps between the rolls and die)  

  • Then Water little and often, early morning and early evening (check the soil below is damp by lifting a corner of the turf).
  • Equally important – Do not allow the water to puddle.  Soggy turf is open to disease. and the soil below may dip and become uneven.
  • Continue until the roots have established themselves into the soil.
  • Now start mowing.
  • For the 1st cut set the blades to the maximum height.
  • Reduce the height of the grass gradually over the first weeks, do not remove more than a 1/3 of the grass height in any one cut as it may cause the grass to shock and caused permanent damage.
  • Furthermore KEEP OFF THE TURF if possible for a couple of weeks.
  • Then feed the turf every Spring and Autumn (see our fertilizer products)
  • For help and advice on weed control, aerating, scarification and over seedings please contact a member of our team us on;           01543 491124