Organic Pre Turf / Lawn Fertilizer

Organic Pre Turf / Lawn Fertilizer

Price: £10.00

Price: £10.00

Professional Pre Turf Fertiliser

By adding vital nutrients to the seed bed, a balanced pre turf fertiliser will rapidly assist when building a strong root system to accelerate the growth of any newly sewn area.

Our balanced pr turf fertiliser will give a quick boost to growth AND will keep on working for 3 months when applied to the application rate below:

Application Rate – 1 kg / 35.00000 g
Application Coverage – 40 sqm

Product Advantages:

  • Pre-seeder fertiliser is a great way of ensuring that your grass seed gets off to the best possible start
  • Ideal for use prior to laying turf
  • Application is ideal from Spring right through to Autumn
  • High Phosphorus content encourages to promote and establish a healthy root system.
  • The stronger the plant, the less susceptible it will be for catching future disease.
  • Magnesium content enhances colour
  • Nutrients in poor soil are replenished with the use of a pre turf fertiliser
  • Provides a luscious and uniformed finish
  • For best application – We recommend to purchase our Hand held Lawn Spreader with your balanced Pre Turf Fertiliser



Product performance and longevity depends on both environmental factors and application rate.

Product ApplicationFertilisers must be irrigated in within 1 – 2 days subject to environmental conditions.

Do not apply in drought or frozen weather conditions, ensure you do not transfer fertiliser on your shoes and walk on the turf, this will scorch and turf the plant white .

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