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Our Landscaping services

We offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION quotation service. To book in for us to visit call us on 01543 491124 today.

domestic turfLandscaping services Rugeley in Staffordshire by Bradley Lakes Turf n Landscapes.

We  have provided professional landscaping services and Quality Lawn Turf and garden products since 1964. Although we are known as experienced turf growers and suppliers, we do not just grow and sell quality turf. Our team provide fully insured professional landscaping services for our domestic customer with small or large gardens…

From soft landscaping, removing existing and old turf, ground preparation to laying turf, our landscaping services are very competitively priced. We provide excellent value for the quality of work and products we provide.  We are clean and tidy in our work with all debris removed and recycled.

A free no obligation quotation service can be arranged. Allow us to visit your property at a convenient time and date that suits you. We shall be happy to give you the advice you may need, measure the area, discuss your vision with the quality and grades recommended to achieve this. Then providing you with the total price for our landscaping services. This shall be for the complete job as we do not work on a ‘a day rate’ system. So call us now on 01543 491124.


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Professionally laid turf doesn’t have to cost the earth!  And unlike other products in your garden, once correctly laid and maintained its hard wearing properties will leave you with a beautiful looking lawn for many years to come.

The key to beautiful lawns can be achieved by simply following these gold rules.


  • First consider the grade of turf that will be suitable for your intended use.  For instancer, if considering an ornamental  lawn, it may be wise to reconsider if you are thinking of starting a family or buying a family pet in the near future.  A good all round hard wearing turf may be more suitable.  Large overhanging trees, drainage pipes and other structures in the garden should also be taken into consideration.
  • How much time shall you have available to maintain your lawn?  Turf is a group of tiny plants and therefore the different grades of turf require different maintenance programs.  So do not choose a turf that requires a high maintenance program if you have a busy life style, and your spare time is limited.
  • Choose a professional to prepare your ground, ensuring all debris is removed, the soil is rotorvated and aerated.  Adding quality screened top soil if required and a pre-turf fertiliser should also be considered.  The ground should be raked completely level before working from planks laying the turf in a staggered brick like fashion, ensuring the edges of the turf are closely pushed together but not over lapping.
  • See our Turf Laying and Aftercare guide for further maintenance information.