Golf & Sports Turf

Golf & Sports Turf

Provided and grown by Tillers Turf it is proven to the highest standard.  

Artificial golf and sports turf has been the best option for stadiums for years as its easily installed, looks great and does not require any maintenance. The turf has the same feel as real grass without the hassles of fertilizing, mowing, seeding or watering. Our Artificial sport turf for Lichfield and the surrounding areas is an environmentally friendly and technologically advanced product that can be installed even on ground that is unsuitable for real grass. Moreover, it is a practical way of achieving beautiful grass without any kind of mess or softer patches.

Our Artificial sport turf for Staffordshire is made from polythene plastic grass and can be laid down without any issues. The upkeep of artificial turf is cost effective as it comes with low maintenance allowing you to save money by not spending it on pesticides and fertilizers that may be required for real grass. Our Sports turf in Staffordshire is more durable than the natural grass which allows broader access and higher playability. Artificial sport turf can allow players to play continuously as it offers ample space for regular game and practice without any kind landscaping interruptions caused by extreme weather conditions. These turfs are durable and safer as there are no patches of mud or slippery soil that might make it unsafe for players.  View our Artificial Sports and Golf Turf products bellow!

Supplying top sporting venues and facilities in this country and abroad. including:

Wentworth Golf Club and Trump International, Chelsea, Sheffield Utd, Liverpool FC, Bisham Abbey – England Team Training Ground, and more.