Top Soil

The advantage of using highest quality topsoil

Choosing the right topsoil for your garden is a vital part of any garden planning, whether merely functional or landscape driven. So to help you decide which type of high quality topsoil is the best choice for you, here is a run through some of the varieties available.

Loam mix topsoil

Topsoil that is slightly looser, as opposed to Loam Topsoil, accelerates the rate at which water finds the plant roots, enabling them to retain more moisture. In addition to this it also assists the general drainage on the surface, preventing your flowers and plants from getting swamped.

Good quality topsoil is generally rich in mature organic elements, with an abundance of nutrients to feed your soil. Loam soil by comparison is almost devoid of organic matter. Despite this, it is a popular choice for many garden enthusiasts, both amateur and professional with gardeners, due its propensity to store water and harbour essential nutrients.

Bradley Lakes Turf now offers a new blended topsoil, which is a screened loam compost mixed with river sand. This is added to improve natural drainage. So if your garden is prone to collecting water and getting boggy when rainfall is intense, this could be a good option to consider.

Plant bed topsoil

Good quality topsoil contains a rich mix of nutrients necessary for healthy plants. It appears darker than subsoil because of the organic matter it contains. The right type of topsoil retains water as well as nutrients, promoting healthy plant growth. A generous layer of quality topsoil ensures healthy lawns and gardens.

Landscapers add topsoil to projects to give new plants a healthy start. It can be used to improve the quality or quantity of soil in the area being worked. The soil surrounding a new house, for instance, is likely to be sandy or full of clay. Often you will find landscapers opt to add a dense covering of topsoil to the garden areas to be sure that any new plants, or seeds get their fair share of nutrients at this critical stage as new roots find their ground.

Options close to hard surfaces

Different types of topsoil serve different purposes. A less nutrient-rich soil might be used to fill out a patio, or border a driveway. Compacted topsoil prevents erosion and provides a good foundation for hard surfaces.

Soil that is poor or damaged should be replaced by a good quality topsoil to keep the entire area healthy. This includes gardens that serve more as courtyards or patios. For example, where a garden is a mix of lawn and concrete, as in the case of a paved garden, topsoil can be used as a substitute where there is a lack of natural soil. This will aid the growth of both plants and vegetables.

Choice of grade

Topsoil is generally available to buy in three different grades: general-purpose grade, premium, and economy grade. Bradley Lakes Turf always recommends opting for the best quality available – especially pas100 topsoil, provided you choose your grade appropriately.

Premium grades may appear to be expensive, but will be pure enough to require no further sifting or topping up, thereby saving money in the long term. High in fertility, this loamy soil has a firm composition, which works well in the construction of flower beds and borders. Nurseries add weight to this by using it in their more popular plant mixes.

General-purpose grades are the best choice when laying new lawns. Coarser grades tend to be used where turf laying is the prime objective.

Finding expert advice

As you can see from the few examples covered here, there is quite a lot to consider when choosing a high quality topsoil – so much depends on the natural characteristics of your garden. Here at Bradley Lakes Turf, we are always available to offer help and advice, so if you are wrestling with the decision of the right choice of topsoil for you, please feel free to give us a call.