Kindling Nets

Kindling Nets

Price: £7.50

Price: £7.50

Dried Kindling

This product is a great product for starting the fire, providing a low moisture content to burn superbly before using kiln dried Logs.

Nets of Kiln Dried Logs

Kiln dried logs are now in stock.  Known for their clean-burn.  The logs are moisture tested to an average of 15% or below.  Not only are they easier to light, they also give a roaring flame and an excellent burn, thus producing a greater heat.  They are therefore more efficient and you may not need to burn as many logs to produce the heat you require and saving you money.  You can burn the kiln dried logs immediately so there is no need to waste time drying them.  With less moisture content in each log they are ideal for use in a wood burning stove, log burners and open fires where reduced chimney residue is desired.

Ready to Burn

Kindling is available with any delivery of logs.

Call to arrange your collection or just ask us to add kindling to your log order and we will deliver it to your door.

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