top-soil loose

All the top-soil and compose sold by Bradley Lakes Turf has been specially chosen to meet your specific landscaping need. Our most popular and cost effective  top-soil is a recycled 10mm screened.


Our soil can be delivered in ton bulk bags and off loaded with a fork lift or delivered on a smaller vehicle where the bag is tipped from the truck if access is an issue, or to keep the haulage charges down. If you require large quantities these can be delivered loose via a HGV tipper or grab vehicle. Please call now for current discounts on large loads.

This top-soil product is available in:

  • handy 20 kg bag sizes top- soil
  • Ton bulk bag
  • Loose (up to 20 Tonne wagon tipped, access permitting)

Small handy size bags of quality screened top-soil are also available to collect, our current offer is 3 x 20kg bags for £10. or £3.50 for 1 bag .Bradley Lakes top-soil is locally sourced, environmentally friendly and peat free.

Please note our recycled topsoil is not BS certificated.