Golf & Sports turf

golf tees turf with rye grass arena gold (2)

  • Sports Turfgrown on rootzone or soil
  • Greens Turf – grown on a layer of USGA specification sand. 3 – 5 mm mowing height
  • Greens Turf –  grown on soil (cheaper option) 3 -5 mm mowing height
  • Tee turf – with or without Rye grass.
  • Bunker turf, Revetting turf, Lining turf.
  • Fairway turf – with or without Rye

Provided and grown by Tillers Turf it is proven to the highest standard. Supplying top sporting venues and facilities in this country and abroad. including:

  • Wentworth Golf Club and Trump International,
  • Chelsea, Sheffield Utd, Liverpool FC, Bisham Abbey – England Team Training Ground. and more.





Sports Turf

football_turf1Grown on rootzone

Polyfibre turf is natural turf in a free-draining rootzone re-enforced with poly-propylene fibres. Industry recognised and accepted rootzones are used in its production.

Grown on soil

Arena Sport is a turf designed to stand up to the heavy demands of winter sports such as football and rugby. Arena Sports has great winter colour and good tolerance to leaf spot. The smooth stalked meadow grass and fescue in Arena Sport add to the strength and density of the sod.

Greens Turf

greens-turfGrown on USGA rootzone

This is grown on topsoil with a USGA specification sandy rootzone and managed as if it were a golf green. The seed mixture is 50% browntop bent and 50% fescue giving a predominantly bent sward at maturity.

Grown on top soil

This is grown for use on push-up greens, green surrounds, approaches and fairways. It is not suitable for USGA specification green constructions. This is a cheaper option.

Tee Turf

tee-turf-with-ryegrassWith Rye Grass

Our Arena Gold is the most popular turf for tees. The fine-leaved rye grasses incorporated in this turf have revolutionised the use of rye grass on golf courses. These cultivars combine fineness of leaf with high wear tolerance to give excellent performance on golf tees.

Without Rye Grass

100% fescue turf is used primarily for tees on links courses, providing a very high quality tee.


Bunker Turf

revetting-turf-2Bunker Side Turf

Bunker side turf is a hostile environment for turf. Our RTF turf is very drought tolerant, partly due to its ability to root down. It also absorbs sand well without being smothered, making it an excellent choice for golf course bunker sides.

Revetting Turf

Our revetting turf comes in slabs, 40mm thick and is very flexible.

Lining Turf

Lining turf is laid upside down in the base of the bunker as a barrier to prevent stones and dirty soil coming up through the sand.

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Fairway Turf

iStock_000004886947LargeWith Rye Grass

Arena turf for fairways is a mixture of rye grass, fescue and smooth stalked meadow grass. It is designed to be dense and very hardwearing.

Without Rye Grass

There are two options here – fescue / bent turf grown on topsoil, or 100% fescue.

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